Thursday, May 5, 2011


This one, for bonds: A white mane have I, and a bright yellow face - though sometimes my hair is not quite so blank (if you look in the right place). And as a mother who loves my child (a child with love lost), I await with bated breath the everlasting frost.

You get three chances.


  1. That's easy: it's Daisee.

    To continue our conversation, I'll have you know that observing is different from manipulating... which I've no doubt will start up eventually, if I re-read that "pawn of a pawn" thing right.

    You have my strongest sympathies, Guess, but you must know that there are better ways to go about this. You're intelligent enough to know that whatever you've been promised, whatever you've been blackmailed with... It's not to be trusted. Ever.

  2. Correct...

    But it IS manipulation. It is. On a thousand levels. And observation on a thousand other levels. Think of dimensions and realities and universes - a million, a billion, all unfolding, an infinite amount of probabilities - the same way as this.

    It's the only thing I have left.

    The only...thing.

    Now who could that be? I'll be off, I think. Shan't be back for a while - someone's coming down the elevator...

  3. I expect more from you Guess. Don't call it quits right when things get interesting.