Friday, May 13, 2011


In all honesty I can't remember what it was that I had to say at first, so let's simply move on, shall we?
I take that back.

The teachers haven't noticed anyone missing, and the parents are all of the firm belief that they have never had kids and why would they want to anyway because kids are so much trouble? All except one couple, whose child brought home from art time one day a doodle of "Spiderman!" which looked more like a spider than a man, yes? They're desperate for me to help, because I seem knowledgeable, I seem to know what I'm doing, I seem to know how to help.

Key word seem.

This one, for memory: Give give give give get get get get.

You get three chances.


  1. No one's ever quite as larger-than-life as others make them out to be.

    I have no idea about the inquiry though. =/

  2. Then we shall simply have to wait for someone else to guess.

  3. Forgive and Forget?

    Sometimes it really is the obvious answer.

  4. In the nick of time...Yes. On to the next.