Friday, April 22, 2011

Homo sapiens is a wise man is a Sage

White Elephants by any other name would be just as frightened...of mice, of course. Are you finding a theme yet? Perhaps the personal inquiries are more...disconnected. Random. But as per the point of these general inquiries, they much have to deal with thine situations.

Once again, I write from a public computer. I do have one at my place of work, though not at home, but I do not have time for these inquiries when I am...involved.

You know, I grow rather lonely with most of my children and loved ones gone...although the personal inquiries don't really further my goal any more, they do interest, teach, and...well, yes, they help a smidgen. Anyway, that is thine choice, and I should stop pressuring thee for it. If it will happen, it shall.

Today at dusk; or tonight at dusk? At dusk, I leave to...well, that is not of thy concern. Suffice to say it is the woods, but I do not go alone; I bring my eldest child and my friend Atlas. Who in turn plans to bring a kit of sorts.

In my last post, I mentioned I was a part of a group of people. We're not some kind of superhero team or anything, really, or a kind of network as your friend the Amalgamation Sage. We're all in one place, in one community, and certainly don't go on violent club outings. In truth, we're coworkers at the Institute for Unity. Not a very well-known or obviously large institute, really (well, there are plenty of similarly-named groups) but a good one, with plenty of funding and a nice building. A nice underground building. There's a dozen of us - right now. So maybe we are a little like a superhero team. No - we're scientists, really. We got involved with the Businessman when, indeed, the thirteenth - head of the company - disappeared with her husband. Since then, about a year ago, each of us others got involved, month by month, until I had to join the investigation when...but that is to save for the personal sequences. The others have barely stepped away from their work, but I found that it was best to go to the Internet, and it has turned out splendidly. I would have to, anyway, for my own job.

If you're interested, here's the list:
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Hm...I have recently finished Portal 2. Very well executed.

For now, I must go, but as Joce correctly answered the last inquiry, I give you another. Do take your time and work together, yes?...That is not it:

This one, for nostalgia: The rank of the man who introduced the Businessman to us all?

You get three chances.


  1. No. There are two chances left.

  2. Lieutenant Surge? like from pokemon? XD

  3. it's not a final answer, but 'patient zero' seems appropriate

  4. "Lieutenant".

    Good. On to the next.

  5. What are you doing here, Guess? What do you want to accomplish?

  6. I am observing. I am observing the unity and teamwork, or, the separation and fighting, between all the many bloggers. Not to mention the intelligence, cleverness, initiative, and a thousand other attributes that you would associate with "riddles", though they should be called more as "inquiries", like I do. I've explained this all before, really. You want more information? You start the personal sequence.

  7. But that's just it. What do you gain by observing? You say you're a part of a group of scientists. Is this some sort of experiment you're running?

  8. The fact that we are scientists does not involve my current job. We were scientists before the Businessman found us, and we worked on science-y things, including genetics and animal observations in different situations (nothing inhumane or harmful, of course).

    As for what I gain? Again. The personal sequence.