Sunday, June 5, 2011

Results, or how I rubbed the dust out of the eyes in the back of my head

It didn't go nearly as dramatically as I expected. No, I was having a drink in a bar when I knew that she was there. And she was, just outside the window. She offered no resistance and no anger. In fact, she offered no emotion. Instead, Infinity offered her hands to me. I took them. I secured them. I lead her to the small camp I had made. I made sure she couldn't leave, left my eldest child to guard her, and went back to finish my drink. And also get a bit drunk. No hangover, though. Yes, it was last night.

I also...oh, God. I couldn't save the child. Any of them. All I could do was find - oh, God. Oh, God. A doll. A girl's doll. The girl's doll. Of the parents who - who knew. Oh, God. God. God. I can't handle this. God.

The previous inquiry still stands. There is one chance left.


  1. So we get a question of our own then...

    Who are your children?

  2. I suppose I do owe you one...very well.

    My children; the creatures of the night. The many-eyed, many-legged, the arachnids. The spiders and the scorpions, the ticks and the mites. These are my children.