Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ambushes, traps, and other things that make me nervous

She's in some kind of catatonic state, not moving, not talking. She eats, but not without help. I've asked the Tablet for cure, to be sent to the Institute; and they'll get it to me. I don't trust anyone else with our location. What I'm worried is that they'll (they being the Businessman and Co.) send someone else to take her back, and kill me. Or even worse, that something else will arrive.

The correct answer for the previous inquiry was Nick, or AmalgamationSage.

This one, for happiness: Alive or dead or in between, though the meaning of it all remains to be seen. Kind words and happiness arrive packed neatly in a box, and the delivery person seems to really love to talk.

You get three chances.


  1. well now i feel like an idiot. i had an inkling it might be Nick, but i wasn't sure, and didn't want to waste the last chance. tell me, are there penalties for getting questions wrong?

    good luck with your friend.

  2. Correct, Zero.

    And...I've said it before, I'll say it again. The inquiries are almost purely for my own benefit. There is no penalty for not being able to answer one correctly. As long as you answer at all, proceedings shall go smoothly.

  3. You know, I thought it might be me, but it threw me with "not so sure on the other side of portals." That and "Monument to all of your sins."

    I understand "not so sure on the other side of portals", now that I think about it. How would you say that I'm a monument to all of their sins?

  4. I am not so sure myself that you do understand...but that is besides the point. Now, there are a great many ways to explain any one thing about me to you, not the least of which are my inquiries, but for every ten complex answers I can give one simple one: it rhymed. Don't let that undermine the significance of the inquiries, mind, but it's the quickest and most direct answer.