Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introductions are in order

For the record, I pick up my arms not in service of thy foe. There is something I'd like to know, however. You shan't get much out of me as we stand right now, but if you'd kindly take the time to answer my questions I'd be much obliged to assist in thine battles, and perhaps in a search for the information you so desperately need. A fair warning, this won't be much of a game, nor as exciting, nor as fun, as a few others have been percolating, though you'll find a question or two much as difficult as their own, no doubt.

This first one, for memory: Who is the brother of every man with the name of someone who is now a keepsake?

You get three chances.


  1. Since no one else is rising to this, and it's screaming at me from within.

    I'm going to say.

    Nick Knack.

    Or whatever your preferred spelling of it would be.

  2. Incorrect. There are two chances left.

  3. huh puzzles....i can answer the one for the blog though...
    a creature that has no mouth.


  4. As a matter of fact, no, sir Zerosage; the tagline is not a complete riddle, though I applaud thy attempt.

  5. I believe I know the answer to the tagline "riddle" (not this one). It's a spider, isn't it?

  6. I find it interesting that people are posting riddles, I don't mind, it keeps my mind off the matters at hand.

    this one is phrased awkwardly

    "someone who is now a keepsake" - to mean this means someone who is dead, possibly someone who is memorialized.

    "every man with the name of someone who is now a keepsake" - so someone who's name is like Ashe or some other way to tribute the dead

    other than that, I can't get it

  7. Incorrect. There is one chance left.

  8. Cain could be a cane which could be someone's keepsake. His brother was Abel.

    Here's hoping I didn't just ruin the last chance at a guess.

  9. And there is the final chance. No, that was also incorrect, but I do find hope in the creativity demonstrated.

    Luckily, there are no consequences (or benefits) of answering correctly or incorrectly. On to the next.