Friday, October 7, 2011

Potion One and potion Three hath poison none, as ye shall see
But drunk together, you will find, they'll quickly kill the human mind
Within this baker's dozen bottle-line, four have trace of vintage wine
Of which two are with poison, two without, and Two tastes quite like sauerkraut

Gorgon's blood fills bottle Eight - but right or left? You'll have to wait
And Six and Ten hold potent cures, but for what ailment no one's sure
One of the odds holds deadly venom, distilled only by juice of lemon
Which resides inside the neighbor of the drink that makes ye braver

Potion Seven's from the sink, mixed with arsenic, I should think
And potion Four can get you drunk, or sunk, or locked in a trunk
Eleven and Twelve are harmless, and tasty, like a pastry
Unless that was Thirteen, in which case, don't be hasty

Now look upon your thirteen choices,
Tell me with your eager voices
Choose three, leave ten, and split them up
One for your glass, one for mine, and one for the witchchilde's cup.


  1. I choose 6, 8, and 10. Eight's a gamble, but I've had a lot of stress lately.

  2. To clarify, as neither of you are mortally ill (that I know of) and I am still recovering from being beat down, I'll take #8. If it doesn't kill me, do I get to take the rest of the bottle home? And as for 6 and 10, you can decide between you who gets which.

  3. i shall drink the wine from 2
    5's venom with lemon served to you
    what shall we set for the wildchilde's cup?
    12's taste of pastry, after our sup.

    If this meaning is still unclear,
    I libate in jestless fear,
    that while we would set upon a dinner date
    I hope you dead when I take your plate